About Us

Am Totally Flattered as you came here to know about me.


Hi, I am John from Kingston, New York. Am the brain behind this website “FishingCenterGuides” which is mainly dedicated as a guide for people to help them regarding the Fishing, Kayaking, and other water Adventures.

Story Behind the Idea:

Basically I am a travel Freak and Kind of attractive towards the Water activities, even if anyone asks my hobby I bluntly tell them about Fishing. It is always fortunate if you make your Passion into your Profession, So I made that possible and build a small Fishing Company.

Now while Traveling or in daily life when I saw People are struggling in Fishing, I always Feel Pitty and wanted to give them advice but it won’t possible to teach them individually about the strategies and the right tools to Pick for Different Conditions.

That’s How the Idea of a blog Popped into my Wife’s mind and we started FishingCenterGuides.


Our Mission:

I met many passionate people who are very much interested in Fishing, but most of the time they buy the wrong tools and start hunting. For me, I do a lot of research and take my final decision based on the analysis.

Most of the fellow Mates don’t get enough time to do it. That’s why I wanted to help them to understand the Right Technique and Tools for a different type of Scenarios.

FishingCenterGuide wants to help People through there details Product Suggestions for Fishing and also for some water activities too.


Need Your Suggestions:

We are always trying to meet user expectations as I want to give proper education for every kayak lover, towards better fishing. I want to ensure our reviews are authentic, real, and unbiased. Please suggest us if you get any wrong information from this site.


Connect with Us:

Thanks for Being with us in this journey of a better education for every Fishing Lover, We are always available for our Readers and Members.

Feel free to Contact Us for your Feedback and Suggestions